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Compress a Graphical User Interface (GUIKit) window

Posted 10 years ago


I've written a Graphical User Interface (using GUIKit package) with some algebraic calculations, user inputs and plots. Is it possible to implement some kind of command giving the user the possibility to compress the complete pop-up window of the GUI without fading out single widgets on the right/left/top or bottom side? I thought it cannot be too difficult to scale the whole window in combination with the single widegets, but I only found the command to stretch them.

I'm kindly ask for help, thank you!

2 Replies

It was my task to create a program which is able to analyse data in some way. The user of this program does not necessarily need to have programming skills in mathematica. The only task for him/her is to start mathematica press evaluate notebook and be able to use the program correctly by pressing buttons or providing parameters. The program is an autonomous pop-up window with graphical user interface.

The GUIKit is only a package in Mathematica enabling the commands to create own windows, widgets and scripts. The complete program is written in Mathematica. The pop-up window is called by the command GUIRun[...].

Thank you for your ideas.

Just out of curiosity, why are you using GUIKit? Mathematica's Dynamic user interface language is generally more than up to the task. (I don't know GUIKit, but could certainly help with your question if it were written in Mathematica directly.) GUIKit was (and is) a package that was added to Mathematica prior to version 6 since, up to that time, there were no sophisticated dynamic user interface programming elements in Mathematica.

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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