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What is your experience of reporting a bug in Mathematica?

Posted 1 month ago

I recently reported a bug in Mathematica where FunctionDomain returned an incorrect answer. I e-mailed Wolfram Technical Support and was contacted by an engineer. But he apparently did not even understand what a domain is. He gave a self-contradictory answer to brush off the bug as "correct," and never responded to my follow-up. Usually how do you escalate a ticket when you see a bug in Mathematica? Thanks.

POSTED BY: Peter Kwok
5 Replies

I am a Wolfram Student Ambassador and a member of the Wolfram Prerelease Program and the Wolfram Redmine Server at If you want to report a bug and you have access to Redmine you can file a bug report or feature suggestion there. I think you have to request access to the Redmine server, though.

POSTED BY: Peter Burbery
Posted 25 days ago

No, I did not know about this Redmine server. It sounds like a developer's community. But thanks for sharing the information anyway.

POSTED BY: Peter Kwok
Posted 1 month ago

I don't even know if this venue is the proper place of discussing a bug in Mathematica. But, after I posted here, Tech Support did get back to me, acknowleding the problem to be a Possible Issue without admitting it to be a bug. I closed the ticket, figuring out that the discussion would probably go nowhere. I just want to know how people usually go about reporting a bug. I would be interested in knowing other people's experiences. If the moderator feels otherwise, please feel free to remove this topic.

POSTED BY: Peter Kwok

I never report a "bug" - because in Mathematica there is virtually nothing which is not in some way clever! So it might well be that I simply do not understand things properly when I see a "problem".

But when I report a supposed problem (and during the last years I several times did so) I always get immediate response and some very competent follow up! My experience is that this service could not be any better!

POSTED BY: Henrik Schachner

Since you already went to Technical Support, this is a situation where you could probably ask about it here without the moderators removing it. (If it turns out to be a simple misunderstanding then it may well get removed, but not before an explanation is provided.)

POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
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