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Restrict network license to one per user

Posted 14 days ago

Hello all,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but here goes. We have a network license server with 6 seats and I noticed a weird behavior which I would like to clarify.

Say I open mathematica on my windows laptop. I look at the report from monitorlm and I see one seat occupied. But then, if I open Mathematica again from the shortcut on desktop, it opens again and I can now see that a second seat is taken. Is this the intended behavior? What is the point of this? It looks like one person can take all 6 seats by opening 6 mathematica instances. This behavior doesn't happen if after I open mathematica, I then open a number of notebooks. Monitorlm reports only one seat taken.

Is there a way to for only one licence per user? Per machine? I have read about reservations but I don't think this is what will solve the problem.



POSTED BY: Lucian Filip
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Thank you for your reply. Can you point me towards some documentation for the first two options you mention?

My concern is the following:

We don't have many users that are using Mathematica, but they may be more than 6 or they can change their computers (work at the office vs working at home). I was looking for an automated method that can tell the server that once someone has taken a seat, to not give them another from the same machine. Then release that seat when they finish. But I don't necessarily want to reserve that seat only to a specific user. If that makes sense.

Regards, Lucian

POSTED BY: Lucian Filip
Posted 10 days ago

Hi Lucian,

Yes, this is the intended behavior. Each instance of Mathematica you open from the shortcut on your desktop is treated as a separate session, hence occupying an additional seat on your network license server. This is because each instance operates independently, requiring its own license.

Opening multiple notebooks within a single instance of Mathematica only uses one seat because it’s still one running session of the application.

To address your concern about one user taking all seats, you can configure your license manager to restrict the number of licenses a single user or machine can occupy. Here are a few suggestions:

Limit Instances Per User/Machine: Check the mathpass file on your license server and configure it to restrict multiple licenses from the same user or machine.

Use lmdown and lmremove Commands: Use these commands to manually remove or restrict licenses if needed.

License Manager Configuration: Contact Wolfram support for guidance on configuring your license manager for more advanced settings and restrictions.

Reservations: Although you mentioned reservations might not solve the problem, they can still be configured to reserve a specific number of licenses for certain users or machines, preventing others from occupying all seats.

Hope this helps clarify things!

Regards, RHJ

POSTED BY: Rh Jaffery
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