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Parse and load entire notebook in the Notebook Options dialog

Posted 10 years ago

I am getting the message "There appears to be an error in the file named below. You should close it without saving, then check the "Parse and load entire notebook into memory upon opening" checkbox in the Notebook Options Dialog.

This is happening on my the notebook I am working in as well as the backup.

Could someone tell me where the "Notebook Options Dialog" is in Mathematica 10?

POSTED BY: Doug Kimzey
3 Replies
Posted 4 years ago

I also had a crash, spent a bunch of time looking for the " Notebook Options" dialog. Couldn't find it. Went to the Wolfram community. Read down two pages just to find how to search. Oh, that's where it is. So now I can pull up the file.. The error stuff tells me there is an error in a certain numbered line. Pull the file up in the form that lets me look at it ... in a form that has no line numbers. Besides which no human other than a full-time Wolfram guru has a chance of fixing the problem ...

So ...?

POSTED BY: David Golber

See the notebook attachment at my reply in

There were two corrupted-notebook posts this morning. I hope it isn't a trend.

Would you send a note to with info on the notebook (size, major features like "lots of 3D graphics" or "many calls to ChemicalData", and the output from evaluating $Version in Mathematica). Was in kept on a local drive, or a network drive?

Mention this Community thread number, 319877.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

Found it - the Options button is on the File | Open dialog. Checked the "Parse and load entire notebook into memory upon opening" dialog. However, the file appears to be complete gibberish. The same result with the backup file made to a different drive. There was no indication of problems with the notebook when saved.

Are there any possible ways to recover a corrupt notebook?

POSTED BY: Doug Kimzey
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