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Questions on Wolfram Alpha capabilities and features before purchasing

Posted 20 days ago

I am a father of a 15-year-old child who is in the 11th grade. I am no longer able to help her with math, physics, and chemistry studies. I discovered Wolfram, which is an excellent tool for learning. Before purchasing, I would like to know a few things:

Can I use a computer to upload exam photos without using a mobile app? Can Wolfram use OCR technology to read and solve the questions?
Can Wolfram answer math, physics, and chemistry questions?
Does Wolfram support uploading photos of exam papers in Chinese?
Can I upload my child's handwritten answers and use Wolfram to check if they are correct?
If anyone can answer my questions, I would be very grateful.

POSTED BY: hong yaohui
Posted 19 days ago

Have you tried to do some of these things with the free version of Wolfram Alpha? I'd suggest you play around with it directly rather than ask general questions here. If you try something and get stuck, then you could ask a specific question about it here.

Also, you should probably contact Wolfram's customer support or sales department to get definitive answers and suggestions.

POSTED BY: Eric Rimbey
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