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Minor "bug" while deploying EmbedCode on a website

I found that the code provided by EmbedCode is rather tricky when displayed on a website. I store the addresses of my CloudObjects in a database and when I want to display them with php my code stops working after displaying the iframe (for instance when I want to display two CloudObjects). I tried to replicate that result like this:

printf("<iframe src=\"%s\" width=\"800\" height=\"600\" />", $result['tool1']);
printf("<iframe src=\"%s\" width=\"800\" height =\"600\" />",$result['tool2']);

where $result['tool1'] and $result['tool2'] are the strings corresponding to the address of my CloudObjects.

Nevertheless, by using the same commands and the traditional close tabs <iframe src="..." width=800 height=600></script> it works.

I am aware that this is rather an issue with XHTML rendering but given that I tried opening my website with Safari, Chrome and Firefox, I think this might become handy for anything doing web development.

POSTED BY: Carlos Chida
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