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The variable that contains an entire number in the end,

Posted 10 years ago

If I have the following variables:

    oee={{{0, 50}, {120, 100}}, 2};
    If[ gpo= ={} && Last[oee] ==(* any integer *)
    (* then that returns me the variable that contains an entire number in the end, in this case oee *)

I have tried using Cases without success, any idea is useful and welcome,

I would like to ask if I can clear some threads that I've started ?

POSTED BY: Luis Ledesma
2 Replies

Bruce - I'm not entirely certain, but I think an "entire number" is an integer.

Luis - I don't quite understand what exactly you want your code to return; do you want the name of the variable? Are there more variables than just "oee", and you need to find the one that ends with that specific integer? I don't think you can easily access the name of a variable once it's been assigned a value, so you might have to write this differently.

Does something like this help you at all?

gpo = {};
foo["a"] = {{{0, 50}, {120, 100}}, 2};
foo["b"] = {{{10, 30}, {110, 90}}, 4};
foo["c"] = {{{20, 40}, {80, 30}}, 7};
foo["d"] = {{{20, 50}, {70, 30}}, 2};
names = {"a", "b", "c", "d"};
DeleteCases[If[gpo == {} && Last[foo[#]] == 2, #] & /@ names, Null]
(*the ouput of this is: {"a", "d"}*)
POSTED BY: Bianca Eifert

a) What is an "entire number"?

b) If there are posts of yours you would like deleted, email and describe which new thread or reply you want deleted. The URL (example: is helpful.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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