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BarLegend->LabelStyle ?

Posted 10 years ago

I am creating density plots from exported data sets, and I noticed that when I use a "BarLegend[]" within the "ListDensityPlot[]", I cannot define both FontSize and FontFamily within "LabelStyle[]". See Below.

PlotLegends ->




   LegendLabel -> Style["Lifetime", 20, 
   FontFamily -> "Times"],

   **LabelStyle -> {  FontSize -> 20, FontFamily->"Times"  }**




Does anyone know a work-around for defining both FontSize and Font Family for the numbers in the BarLegend?

POSTED BY: Tim Kirkpatrick
2 Replies

Hi, to everyone, this is my first post in this big comunity, and I hope someone could give me a hand; I'm currently plotting data coming from external files (extension .dat) and I succeeded in plotting all of the curves in black with different types of markers. The only thing I'm not yet able to do is to change the font size in the Legend, since it results too small if compared to the one of the axis. Please can you give me any suggestion about this trouble? I'll attach here the lines I wrote.

trouble with legend font size

A developer suggested,

BarLegend[LegendLabel -> Style["Lifetime", 20, FontFamily -> "Times"],
  LabelStyle -> {FontSize -> 20}, 
 TicksStyle -> (FontFamily -> "Times”)]

and he thanks you for pointing out the defect.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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