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instaling Rlink and connecting to the R version on my pc

Posted 10 years ago

I am working with mathematica version 9. I am not able to install R and connecting to the latest R version on my pc (windows 8.1).

InstallR["RHomeLocation" -> "C:\R\R-31~1.1"]

On running the above code, I get a message prompting me to install RLinkResourcesInstall[]. When I do that, I have R version 2.14 installed once again on my pc. When I again try to install with the InstallR command, I have no luck. I have tried to define the R executable location in different ways. What is shown above is the result of running


from my R version 3.1 on my pc.

All methods of defining the R executable location do not help. I seem to be missing something essentiial. Any help in correctly configuring R will be appreciated. Thanks, Ravi

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