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Question about interactive real-time simulation in SystemModeler

Posted 10 years ago

Hi all. Is it possible to run a simulation synchronized with real time and somehow change the parameters (or input variable values in the middle of the simulation) so that the new values will be used in the next solver step? I've tried it by activating the real-time "Synchronize" feature in options and pausing the simulation at some point, but it seems it is not possible. However, in the user's guide Appendix D (Communication with Simulation via TCP), it explicitly states the possibility to run a simulation and do what's been described above (change the variable input values and having them used in the next solver step). Is this right? Can be this done in SystemModeler platform without having to rely on WSM-SCS/WSM-SDS and an executable via TCP?


POSTED BY: jax.asensio

No that functionality isn't exposed in the GUI. If you have Mathematica you can do it from there, see


POSTED BY: Otto Tronarp
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