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Can I solve the State space in wolfram alpha pro?

From SS model equation I have to find TF

A=-b/m B=1/m c=1 D=0

Th result given in the book is P(s)=(1/ms + b).

Wolfram alpha thows an error saying that it could not understand my input. Please see attached formula.

The above question I already asked in this dicussion. one of the subscriber aswered to the above question by solving in mathematica Clear["Global`*"]; A0 = {{-b/m}}; B0 = {{1/m}}; C0 = {{1}}; D0 = {{0}}; ss = StateSpaceModel[{A0, B0, C0, D0}]; Simplify@TransferFunctionModel[ss]

I want to know, it can be done wolfram alpha pro. if some one show it, I would like to subscribe pro.

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