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Complex Document for the Cloud

Posted 10 years ago

I would like to build a website that includes course material from my lectures. I thought of doing this completely with Cloud Mathematica. The basic structure would be Text – interactive material (plot, graph, data, etc) – Text – interactive material – ... When I do this in Mathematica, I use different cells. How can I upload such a complex document into the cloud? As I see it, CloudDeploy only works for one cell, not multiple cells? Also: when I change something in a document and evaluate it again, I get a new URL. Obviously I would like a static URL. Maybe this is only possible with one of the paid accounts?

It would be great if there were a tutorial/example how to build complex documents in the cloud! (Maybe there is?)


POSTED BY: Dominik Hezel

This example deploys a notebook. I hope this helps.

nbexpr=Notebook[{Cell["Manipulate[Plot[Sin[n x],{x,0,6}],{n,1,10}]","Input"], Cell["Manipulate[Plot[Cos[n x],{x,0,6}],{n,1,10}]","Input"]}]; CloudExport[nbexpr,"NB","Manipulate"]

POSTED BY: Truly Unique
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