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Simple Functions in the Wolfram Alpha app

Posted 10 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I'm a beginner in both Wolfram as in english (I'm from Brazil). I'm studying the first year of Engineering, and learning simple functions. I got a Wolfram Android and I don't know how to define a function like this example:

f(x) = 6x-2 (until here I done), but I want to put that x=2 or, x = something.

I've already tried put: f(x) = 6x-2 ; x = 2 put he understand two different things, and I want to show that x=2 is the variable tha f(x).

Just to remember I'm using the Android. This tool will help me to verify and see different forms to do same exercises.


POSTED BY: Anderson Cruz
2 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks, but I'm not able to do this in smartphone. I guess I have to study more the program, or is there some limitation.

Maybe I'm not using the correct or full version on my smartphone (bought wolfram mathematics on google play). The text box where I type that looks like the image link below, and I can not create a syntax and do like you did. If I type f [x_]: = x 6 - 2 it's a misunderstanding.

Excuse my ignorance and thanks again.

POSTED BY: Anderson Cruz

(I'm from Brazil)

Welcome! Give the syntax a try .... first one defines the function f

 In[231]:= Clear[f, x]
           f[x_] := 6 x  - 2

then one uses, runs or calls it, giving the argument as usual, note the brackets!

In[233]:= f[2]
Out[233]= 10

In[234]:= f /@ Range[-3, 3]
Out[234]= {-20, -14, -8, -2, 4, 10, 16}
POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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