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Report Generation: Doubled Output

I watched a video by John Fultz called Report Generation with Wolfram Technologies and wanted to try it out. I created a template notebook and a notebook that generates a report based on the template. For some reason, I am getting my output twice as shown below: enter image description here

I have no idea what is causing this. I have attached the notebooks for anybody to look at, and any help would be appreciated.

Also, when I click the Help button in the template notebook editor, I get this message:

"paclet:guide/ReportGeneration" could not be found.

Is there some way that I can get that paclet?

POSTED BY: Tim Mayes
3 Replies

Ok, I figured this out, but I don't quite understand why it now works.

What I did in the template file was to select the cell with the "firstChart" slot. Then I clicked the Cell Behavior button and chose Evaluate and Delete. This fixed the double chart output problem, so I did the same for "secondChart" and it now worked for both. I had assumed that evaluate and delete would actually delete the output, though I didn't know why that was desirable. I now see what it does, but I still don't quite understand it.

I still don't know if I have the documentation for this report generation feature. If I click the Help button in the upper-right corner of the template notebook, I get the error:

"paclet:guide/ReportGeneration" could not be found.

But there is a guide/DocumentGeneration in the help system. I wonder if that button is linked to a non-existent guide/ReportGeneration, that was perhaps renamed at the last minute? Or, am I just missing the documentation on how to work with templates? The only thing that I can find is that video that I linked to in the first post.


POSTED BY: Tim Mayes


Thanks for the feedback, and you are right that I had the same function twice. That was because I quickly put that together as an example.

I changed that function and still have exactly the same problem. Also, I had the same doubled output in my original template that was actually a beginning for what I want to do. Just to be clear, there are two charts that should be in the report, but each one is appearing twice.

Any other ideas?


POSTED BY: Tim Mayes
Posted 10 years ago

Hi Tim

I think it is because in your template generator you have a duplicate function, for both sin and cos you are using PLot[Sin[x]]


POSTED BY: Paul Cleary
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