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Deployment to the Cloud not working

Posted 10 years ago

I am really trying to get my head around Cloud Deployment and Programming cloud, and the more I use it, the more I think it is a fantastic product. At least in principle. I successfully deployed a range of Manipulate 'applications' to the cloud and they work neatly. Now I wanted to do something more challenging and produces a little larger code (40 kb Mathematica nb). I tested the principle elements in a cloud deploy and it works. However, the more complex program doesn't work. I tried a tedious amount of possibilities – it doesn't work. This is especially frustrating, as there is no feedback at all what the problem is. I just get a white webpage with nothing on it. I can get it to work when compacting the program, but obviously that doesn't help in the long run. It's not a complicated program and on Mathematica it works without any delays. I've no idea why it won't deploy to cloud, i.e. it seems to deploy, but the webpage remains blank, no matter how long I wait. Any help much appreciated!

POSTED BY: Dominik Hezel
3 Replies

I had a chance to look at this notebook. Unfortunately I can't run the code because I don't have the data files to run with it. I'll note that you will get a better experience if you break up the one large cell into several cells because the typesetting code can get a little creaky when it has to handle very large code blocks. If you want to do that, just put the insertion point at a reasonable point and type CTRL+SHIFT+D.

To make the code accessible, I suggest you replace the Import commands with CloudImport and give the full object URI for each of the data files. They will have to be made accessible to other users. If we get that working I can try to generate the Manipulate and see what happens.

POSTED BY: Andrew de Laix

Thanks for your answer. You can have a look at the code at:

– as this loads the code, but not the notebook. I'm otherwise happy to provide you with any information that might be helpful.

POSTED BY: Dominik Hezel
Posted 10 years ago

Having read your description, I'm not clear on precisely what you are trying to deploy that isn't working. Are you deploying a complex Manipulate or are deploying a complex notebook? If you could give some more specific details I may be able to make some suggestions to help.

POSTED BY: Updating Name
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