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Resuming calculation

Posted 9 years ago


I would like to know if it is possible to put the calculation on pause and to resume it again. I would also like to know if I close the screen of my laptop, it will come on standby, so will the calculation be aborted?

Thank you for your attention, sorry if the words used are not adequate but I am not English.

Have a nice day

POSTED BY: Charles Roux

Go to Mathematica help and type the search term "pausing calculation." This should bring up a link called "Stop a Computation". If you scroll down you'll find a discussion on Interrupt Evaluation.

What I've also done is to save my work using Mathematica functions such as DumpSave[] and Put[]. This allows you to save the full definition of a symbol, which can be very long. You can use it to carry out very long calculations which, for practical purposes, you have to interrupt and continue later.

POSTED BY: Douglas Skinner
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