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How to solve Exponential Function

Posted 10 years ago

Not sure how to solve the following. How would I model this algbraically step by step.

onths since 12/31/03 Users (million) 6 0.13 12 1 24 5.5 36 12 40 20 56 100 59.3 130 59.5 140

POSTED BY: Anna Miller

Do you mean find an exponential fit to your data? I presume your data is in the form of pairs {months since 13/31/03, number of users}? Not sure what you mean by "algebraically step by step"? Do you mean set up the calculation using the numbers given? Otherwise, Mathematica has a function called FindFit[] which you can use to fit an exponential to your data. When I fit what I understand to be your data to the exponential form, a e^{-b x}, I get a = 0.414272 and b = -0.0975048. Graphically this is a pretty good fit.

POSTED BY: Douglas Skinner
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