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How do I map a list of Wordnet Id's to a word using WordData

Posted 10 years ago

Hi - First a warning: I am quite new to Mathematica.

I have a list of Wordnet Noun Id's that are specific to a domain (computer_science). Using WordData or any other applicable function I was hoping to:

  1. Get the word associated with ID
  2. Get the associate definition for the word

For example the word "object" (n) has 5 definitions one of them is under the domain computer_science

object ((computing) a discrete item that provides a description of virtually anything known to a computer

My list consists of 505 such words. I was able to return an Id not the other way around. Any leads and suggestions are welcome


POSTED BY: Itay Livni
2 Replies

I don't believe WordData will translate an ID to a word. You will likely have to use an outside source for this information.

Alternatively, WordData will translate a word into an ID:

WordData["cat", "WordNetID"]

You could build up a reversed index for a set of words that way if you wanted. Once you have the word, you can get it's definition as follows:

WordData[{"cat", "Noun", "Man"}, "Definitions"]
{{"cat", "Noun", "Man"} -> "an informal term for a youth or man"}
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 10 years ago

Yes. I was afraid that would be the answer :)

I don't believe WordData will translate an ID to a word

That mapping would be useful

POSTED BY: Itay Livni
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