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Basic questions about how to know which package you need.

Posted 10 years ago

Hello, When I try the following:-

p = FindGraphPartition[g]

I just get this result:-


I think I need to import some package, i.e.


first. I don't know which package I need. The name of the package would be helpful, but my real question is how can I find out? I looked on the documentation page for FindGraphPartition but didn't seen any package mentioned. Thanks!

2 Replies

FindGraphPartition is a regular Mathematica kernel routine. You can get information on it with:


If you evaluate:


you will see it is in the System` context. So you don't need any extra package to use it.

But g has to be a graph that you have already defined using the Graph procedure.

OK my problem was not what I thought it was. Thanks for your help!

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