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How to use MathTensor with Mathematica 10

Posted 10 years ago


I have been using MathTensor for a long time and I always received helpful information from the web-site of the authors (Christensen, Parker). When trying to approach this web-site to seek information how to use this package with Mathematica 10 I was surprised to learn that this web-site obviously does not exitst any longer. Each attempt to open this site was in vain. Does anybody know what happened? Surely, M 10 offers a lot of tensor facilities but I believe that MathThensor could still offer a lot beyond that what Mathematica 10 offers. Does anybody know how to install MathTensor on Mathematica 10 on a Win7 PC? Thanks in advance Andre

POSTED BY: Andre Hertkorn
2 Replies

Steve Christensen suffered a fire at his house, which destroyed his computers, and that may explain the unavailability of his web site. I believe he is working to restore things but it might take some time. I don't know if the site is mirrored at a different location.

Thanks to David for posting an answer. The MathTensor web site and email address are down right now due to the fire. I am getting new computers next week and hope to have things back up soon. The software is still available due to backups and I can provide support via my email address.

Steve C.

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