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Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report Names Not Shown in "All Friends" Friend Graph

Posted 10 years ago

I used to make good use of the Friend Network graphs in the Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report, however I've just tried now and the most important feature, hovering to reveal the name behind any node, no longer works unless you filter the data (i.e. "Friends from where I live".)

"Enable interactivity" doesn't seem to do what I want.

Is there some way to get a graph of my entire friend network on Facebook with labeled nodes?

Non-interactive Friend Network Graph

POSTED BY: John Gauss
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Posted 10 years ago

Nice, I didn't know about the Wolfram Language Facebook interface. Dead simple!


POSTED BY: John Gauss

I could imagine that the hover-over name feature might be disabled for output with a large number of nodes like this.

You can file a suggestion with the Wolfram|Alpha team. To do so, make the same query which produces the produces the problem, then at the bottom of the page, where it says "Give Us Your Feedback:", provide a brief description of the problem that you see Wolfram|Alpha's results.

You could also make this network graph using Mathematica, which has a number of functions for SocialMedia data analysis. The great thing about Mathematica is that you can highly customize your output using the Wolfram Language:

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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