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Wolfram Programming Cloud vs. Mathematica Online

Posted 10 years ago

What's the difference between the Wolfram Programming Cloud and Mathematica Online? It seems that in both one can execute functions and programs in a notebook interface. Of course the Programming Cloud has Instant APIs and such, but there seems to be a large functionality overlap.

POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman
5 Replies

The difference between Mathematica online and the Programming cloud is partly in the interface. If you compare interfaces you find the Mathematica online interface missing menu items like: Deployments, Reports, creating New javascript, xml, css and html files, Create testing and template notebooks.

This is all about the -interface- and not really important since we address our cloud kernel by sending it expressions. It's more important to look from the viewpoint of functionality. Then the programming cloud and Mathematica Online are about the same. The only difference I know of is that you must have a producer plan to run the DocumentGenerator.

Posted 10 years ago

Sorry to say, Jesse, that I really don't understand. What is the difference between deploying (WPC) and sharing with others (MO)?

Can you clarify?


POSTED BY: Mark Lawton

A notebook shared to Mathematica Online is like a document uploaded to Google Docs. It's stored in the cloud and can be accessed, evaluated, and read by a group of people. An object deployed to the Programming Cloud can have the same state, as a communally-editable document, but can also be a machine-readable API, a FormFunction, or a fully dynamic webpage. Mathematica Online is focused on providing access to Mathematica's notebook-based interface on the web, while the WPC is a true cloud integration.

Of course, I could be getting the whole principle of this wrong, so anybody is welcome to correct me. :)

POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman

Thanks for the answer! I'm really looking forward to the Data Science Platform.

POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman

Hi Jesse

It's mainly about the interface, workflows, resource limits, and branding. Yes, you can do just about the same thing in both at the language level. Wolfram Programming Cloud (WPC) has an interface that emphasizes deployments and it also provides reporting focused on deployments. Mathematica Online is more focused on extending the Mathematica experience to the cloud and sharing content with others. We, as a company, are trying our best to match the correct people (markets) with the correct interface to the Wolfram Language.

This is true for a few of our unreleased products as well. Data Science Platform has an interface designed around the idea of data-in --> Interpret/Clean --> Automated Analysis or custom analysis --> create/schedule report --> deploy report.

As these products mature and leave the beta phase there will be more unique features added.

Thanks for the question! ~ Clayton

POSTED BY: Clayton Voyles
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