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Splines, Implementation in Mathematica 10, Help?

Posted 10 years ago
     Grid[{{Text@"Tridiagonal Matrix", Text@"Its Characteristic Equation"},
          Pane[TraditionalForm[***tridiagonal***[n] // MatrixForm], {270, 200},
           Alignment -> {Center, Top}], Alignment -> Center],
          Pane[TraditionalForm[p[n, x]], {270, 200}, 
           Alignment -> {Center, Top}],
          Alignment -> {Center, Top}]},
       {Text@"Continued Fraction", 
        Text@Row[{"Eigenvalue Plot", Style["x", Italic], "=", 
           Style["x", Italic], "{", Style["r", Italic], "}"}]},
          Pane[TraditionalForm[***recurrence***[n, x, r]], {270, 200}, 
           Alignment -> {Center, Top}], Alignment -> {Center, Top}], 
        Item[ContourPlot[Evaluate[p[n, x]], {r, -10, 10}, {x, -10, 20}, 
          ImageSize -> {270, 200}], Alignment -> {Center, Top}]}}, 
      Frame -> All, Background -> LightBlue, 
      Alignment -> Top], {{n, 2, "Size of Matrix"}, 2, 9, 1, 
      Appearance -> "Labeled"}, ContinuousAction -> False, 
     SaveDefinitions -> True]

I have got this code from Mathematica website, but my problem is I'm not able to use these two functions which are bold and italic namely, "tridiagonale", & , "recurrence", in Mathematica 10, as this code is written in the earlier version.

Can you help me out plz?

POSTED BY: Muzahoo jee
4 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks A lot ;)

POSTED BY: Muzahoo jee

I was confused in your post by your use of tridiagonal and recurrence as lowercase parameters. I do not see anything related to recurrance in the notebook that you linked to. However you will find out how to replicate the functionality contained in LinearAlgebraTridiagonal by reading this:

POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 10 years ago

this is the url but i could not find any relative material to my question? could you please help me out

POSTED BY: Muzahoo jee

I imagine that the code for tridiagonal and recurrence are defined somewhere on the website that you mention. What is its URL?

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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