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Anorher retrogression in Mathematica 10 on side windows

Posted 10 years ago

In writing extended notebooks with textual discussion it is often useful to place dynamic displays in a side window next to the notebook. This allows extended discussion and further calculation to be performed in the notebook with associated scrolling while keeping the dynamic display in view.

This was easy to do in Mathematica 9 and earlier and I even had a routine, WindowPresentation in Presentations that had the proper options built-in. Now, this no longer works properly in Mathematica 10. I would like to have the following behavior:

1) The window is dynamically active so a reader could, for example, rotate a 3D plot with the mouse.

2) When all notebooks are minimized the created window will no longer be displayed. (This is what happens with regular palettes, but if CreatePalette is used the window is no longer dynamically active. In Mathematica 9 we could minimize everything from the single Menu bar.)

3) The window does not block further evaluation in the main notebok. (This occurs if WindowFloating is set to True.)

4) And much less important, "- Wolfram Mathematica 10.0" is not appended to the title.

Here is a sample case. One problem is that there are many permutations to try. Thanks to anyone who can tell me how to correct this.

  ParametricPlot3D[{x1^2, x1 x2, x2^2}, {x1, -10, 10}, {x2, -10, 10}],
  System`CellInsertionPointCell -> None,
  ShowStringCharacters -> False,
  WindowFrame -> "Normal",
  WindowElements -> {"MagnificationPopUp", "VerticalScrollBar", 
  WindowFrameElements -> {"CloseBox", "ResizeArea"},
  WindowSize -> All,
  WindowFloating -> False,
  WindowClickSelect -> True,
  WindowTitle -> "Parametric Surface",
  Saveable -> False,
  ClosingAutoSave -> False,
  Selectable -> True,
  Editable -> True];

This is what I consider an important issue with using Mathematica. One can start out working on mathematical considerations and after 15 minutes one is mired for hours in Mathematica issues on things that used to work.

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