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Tables with buttons to Delete rows

Friends from the this group. I have been trying to create a Table which includes numerical data and a button so that the user may have buttons to delete the specific row. My first attempt was this one:

t1 = Table[{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Button["X", t1 = Delete[t1, 1]]}, {i, 5}];
Manipulate[Grid[t1, Frame -> All]]

This deletes fine the first row of the table every time a delete button is pressed. Nevertheless I couldn't do it for specific row. I have tried many thinks, among them, this one

t1 = Table[{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Button["X", t1 = Delete[t1, i]]}, {i, 5}];
Manipulate[Grid[t1, Frame -> All]]

There is a error message "The expression i cannot be used as a part specification. Use Key[i] \ instead" I assume because inside the button function "i" does not have a value. Is it possible to pass "i" as a parameter to the Button ?? Is there a way around to do this.



3 Replies

Henrik, Thanks. My code is part of a larger program and to publish it here I cut it off... too much as I realise now. Best regards.


Hi Jesus,

I think in your own reply the last line is not correct:

'Manipulate' expects a list as second argument.

Maybe it rather should read:

Dynamic @ Grid[t1, Frame -> All]

Regards Henrik

POSTED BY: Henrik Schachner

I solved my problem

t1 = {#, 2, 3, 4, 5, 
     Button["X", t1 = Delete[t1, Position[t1[[All, 1]], #]]]} & /@ 
Position[t1[[All, 1]], 4]
Manipulate[Grid[t1, Frame -> All]]

Just in case it may be useful for anybody!


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