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Getting Units in Mathematica

Posted 9 years ago
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I'm trying to use the ChemicalData and ElementData commands in mathematica and I'm getting the right numbers but no units show up with the output. Is there a way to turn them on or something like that? Thanks!

POSTED BY: Emily Melinis

For what property you do not get units?

In[97]:= ElementData["Silicon", "AtomicMass"]
Out[97]= Quantity[28.0855, "AtomicMassUnit"]

In[98]:= ElementData["Silicon", "AtomicMass", "Units"]
Out[98]= "AtomicMassUnit"

In[103]:= ChemicalData["Silicon", "MolarMass"]
Out[103]= Quantity[28.0855, ("Grams")/("Moles")]

In[104]:= ChemicalData["Silicon", "MolarMass", "Units"]
Out[104]= "GramsPerMole"
POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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