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Wolfram Cloud and Smartsheet: a new paradigm

I have set up a simple API that does the following: provided an access token to Smartsheet, fetch data of a selected sheet and return graphs that display some analysis.
This video shows the whole operation: it can't be simpler.
This example is not sophisticated: it demonstrates the structure. Reports can be made sophisticated at will, later.

I think this small example perfectly illustrates the major paradigm shift that tools like Smartsheet and Wolfram Cloud achieve when linked together:

  • Data capture in a shared environment on the one hand: Smartsheet
  • Limitless analysis of data, small data and big data, with return of synthetic reports on the other hand: Wolfram Cloud

Strict separation between data capture and data analysis, using "best suited" tools; still only one single environment for the user.
The possibilities that this mechanism opens are limitless. Think of

  • Engineering calculations,
  • Financial analysis,
  • Polls analysis,
  • Marketing analysis,

to name just a few.

I wanted to share my enthusiasm with you.


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Hi David,

There three parts to the thing I show in the video:

  1. an application package that handles the connections with Smartsheet. It's quite complete and very straightforward stuff. I can share the lot.
  2. the application packages that performs specific computing with data retrieved from Smartsheet: this is proprietary, not sharable.
  3. the API that activates both parts mentioned above: quite straightforward, and shareable.

How can I help you?



I love smartsheets. I would love to see your Wolfram code for connecting to smartsheets. Is it difficult?

POSTED BY: David Johnston
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