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A new package for error bar plotting

Hello Community!

I've recently been working on plotting data with error bars in Mathematica and I ended up building a package to extend included ErrorBarPlots package's functionality.

As compressed file formats are not allowed as attachments (despite being listed on Wolfram Language Documentation as the how to post post states), you can find a functional and documented version of this package and quick demo here. I'd be glad to get your opinion and feedback, so I encourage you to try it in case you are interested.

There is more info in zipped documents (check the readme and the demo), but the key points are:

  • Each data point is just a List of numbers, which may include information on error bars. The meaning of each position of those Lists is set by an option when the plotting function is called.
  • Error bars' ticks are considered in options like PlotRange, as they are treated internally as points.
  • Logarithmic scales are supported.
  • Several data series plotting is supported.
  • Plotting functions include some options to make customization easier.

Hope you find it interesting!

Guillermo H.

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I plan to create either a website or a Github repository soon, I'll post any information here when it's ready.

On the other hand, I have just tried the package in M10 and though it works, graphical appearance should be revisited (the package uses M9 themes for default plotting at the moment and that is not as attractive). I'll be working on that also soon.

Very nice, thanks for sharing, Guillermo! Do you have a webpage for this project where you maintain versioning and updates? Also is this compatible with M10?

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie

Dear Guillermo,

thank you for your contribution and sharing! As you can see right under the title of your post, we added it to Mathematica Add-Ons group where all types of additions to standard system are collected and discussed.

Sincerely, Moderation Team

POSTED BY: Moderation Team
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