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Why does my dataset lose its typesetting when I add/remove columns?

Posted 10 years ago

I've tried multiple methods of adding and removing columns to a dataset, but it seems no matter which way I choose I can't get the data to typeset as a table.

Here's my initial dataset:

Dataset output

1) Construct an association using <|#, ... |> syntax (with the Normal form to show that it yields a list of associations):

Assoc literal example

2) Using Append[]:

Append example

3) Using Join[]:

Join example

In each case, the dataset returns is typeset as a single row. Can anyone shed some light on as to why? I have a hunch that I'm fighting some kind of internal type system. What's strange is given much simpler datasets, each one of these methods works fine.

POSTED BY: Zack Angelo

The problem appears to be an inconsistency in whether to use 1-D or 2-D formatting.

Not exactly a bug, but a change to use 2D formatting when practical is in the works for a future minor release.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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