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MixedRadixQuantity and a lot of problems

Posted 7 years ago
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Hello Community! Please excuse my bad English!

I have some problems with the units-system in Mathematica 10, especially with the MixedRadixQuantity-function.

Is it a bug or is it my fault? Here are some examples that didn’t work the way I want:

Problem 1:

MixedRadixQuantity[{1, 2}, {"Meters/Seconds", "Meters/Seconds"}]

Problem 2:

MixedRadixQuantity[{1, 2}, {"Meters/Seconds", "Kilometers/Hours"}]

Problem 3:

MixedRadixQuantity[{1, 2}, {"Meters"^2, "Centimeters"^2}]

Problem 4:

MixedRadixQuantity[{1.414213562373, 1.414213562374}, {"Meters"^Sqrt[2], "Centimeters"^Sqrt[2]}]

Problem 5:

MixedRadixQuantity[{1.414213562373, Sqrt[2]}, {"Meters"^E, "Centimeters"^E}]

Problem 6:

MixedRadixQuantity[{1, 2}, {"Meters"^\[Pi], "Centimeters"^\[Pi]}]

Problem 7:

MixedRadixQuantity[{1, 2}, {"Meters"^\[Infinity], "Centimeters"^\[Infinity]}]

Problem 8:

MixedRadixQuantity[{1, 2, 3}, {"Meters"^2, "Hectares","Liters"^(2/3)}]

Problem 9:

MixedRadixQuantity[{Sqrt[-2], \[Infinity]}, {"Meters"^E*Sqrt[-2]+\[Pi]+\[Infinity]*I, "Centimeters"^E*Sqrt[-2]+\[Pi]+\[Infinity]*I}]

Problem 10:

MixedRadixQuantity[{Sqrt[2] - E^Pi I, \[Infinity] + Sqrt[-1],1}, {"Liters"^(2/3), "Barns", "Meters"^2}]

Problem 11:

MixedRadixQuantity[{Re[1 + \[Infinity] I],Im[\[Infinity] + I]}, {"Meters"^1.414213562373, "Centimeters"^1.414213562373}]

Problem 12:

MixedRadixQuantity[{Sqrt[2], 1}, {"Meters", "Centimeters"}]

Problem 13:

MixedRadixQuantity[{\[Infinity], \[Infinity]}, {"Meters","Centimeters"}]

Problem 14:

MixedRadixQuantity[{1, 2}, {"Meters"^Re[2 + \[Infinity] I],"Centimeters"^Im[\[Infinity] + 2 I]}]

Problem 15:

MixedRadixQuantity[{1, Sqrt[2], Sqrt[3], Sqrt[4], Sqrt[5], Sqrt[6], Sqrt[7], Sqrt[8], Sqrt[9], Sqrt[10], Sqrt[11], Sqrt[12], Sqrt[13], Sqrt[14], Sqrt[15], Sqrt[16], Sqrt[17], Sqrt[18], Sqrt[19], Sqrt[ 20], Sqrt[21], Sqrt[22], Sqrt[23], Sqrt[24], Sqrt[25], Sqrt[26],Sqrt[27], Sqrt[28], Sqrt[29], Sqrt[30], Sqrt[31], Sqrt[32], Sqrt[33], Sqrt[34], Sqrt[35], Sqrt[36], Sqrt[37], Sqrt[38], Sqrt[39], Sqrt[40], Sqrt[41], Sqrt[42], Sqrt[43], Sqrt[44], Sqrt[45], Sqrt[46], Sqrt[47], Sqrt[48]}, {"UniverseAge", "PlatonicYears", "Millennia", "Centuries", "MetonicCycles", "Saros", "Decades", "Olympiads", "AnomalisticYears", "SiderealYears", "JulianYears","GregorianYears", "TropicalYears", "Years", "LunarYears", "Seasons", "GregorianMonths", "Months", "SynodicMonths", "LunarMonths", "AnomalisticMonths", "SiderealMonths", "TropicaMonths","DraconianMonths", "Weeks", "LunarDays", "MartianSolarDays", "Days","SiderealDays", "JovianSolarDays", "Hours", "SiderealHours", "Moments", "Minutes", "SiderealMinutes", "Seconds", "SiderealSeconds", "Deciseconds", "Centiseconds", "Milliseconds","Microseconds", "Nanoseconds", "Picoseconds", "Femtoseconds","Attoseconds", "Zeptoseconds","Yoctoseconds", "PlanckTime"}]

I hope everyone knows what I want to compute by looking at the code from above. I dont know what I can do to fix this problems.

The problems often occurs when:

  • the QuantityUnits are composed like "Meters/Seconds"

  • the QuantityUnits have an exponent that is different from 1 like in "Meters"^2 or "Liters"^(2/3)

  • the QuantityMagnitudes are like Sprt[2]

  • the functions Re[] or Im[] are used with infinity as argument

Can anyone help me? Are this problems known bugs or wrong inputs with errors? Please excuse my bad English!

Best Regards and Thanks!

3 Replies

These look like bugs to me. MixedRadixQuantity is a constructor that creates Quantity expressions of the form: Quantity[MixedRadix[...],MixedRadix[...]]

It seems to be failing to convert many of these, but you can re-write them in this form and they should work: Quantity[MixedRadix[1, 2], MixedRadix["Meters"^2, "Centimeters"^2]]

Note that "Meters/Seconds" isn't a canonical unit form(it should be "Meters"/"Seconds"):

In[14]:= KnownUnitQ["Meters/Seconds"]
Out[14]= False

In[15]:= KnownUnitQ["Meters"/"Seconds"]
Out[15]= True

This parses automatically in Quantity, but not in MixedRadixQuantity(another probable bug); Also note that while some of these exponents will typeset, they don't work in standard Quantity expressions:

In[18]:= Quantity[1, "Meters"^E] // UnitConvert
Out[18]= UnitConvert[Quantity[1, ("Meters")^E]]

In[19]:= Quantity[1, "Meters"^E] // QuantityQ
Out[19]= False

(I will confess that I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do with these however)

The examples with non-integer powers are not considered Quantity objects, even if they format nicely.

In[1]:= Quantity[3, "Meters"^Sqrt[2]]                                                   

Out[1]= Quantity[3, Meters       ]

In[2]:= QuantityQ[%]                                                                    

Out[2]= False

The more ordinary examples such as

MixedRadixQuantity[{1, 2}, {"Meters"^2, "Centimeters"^2}]  

ought to work. I reported them to developers.

Thank you for pointing this out.

A minor correction; non-integer powers are acceptable, but only if they're Real or Rational:

In[21]:= QuantityQ[Quantity[3, "Meters"^(2/3)]]
Out[21]= True

In[22]:= QuantityQ[Quantity[3, "Meters"^(2.3)]]
Out[22]= True

In[23]:= QuantityQ[Quantity[3, "Meters"^(2.3 + 3 I)]]
Out[23]= False

In[24]:= QuantityQ[Quantity[3, "Meters"^(E)]]
Out[24]= False

In[25]:= QuantityQ[Quantity[3, "Meters"^(Sqrt[2])]]
Out[25]= False
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