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i need to graph this fluid field

Posted 10 years ago

[(x y + 2)/(t+1)]i+ [xy^2]j+ [ xz^2*t^2]k please help

thanks from colombia

POSTED BY: hahernandezr hdz
In[1]:= ?VectorPlot3D
VectorPlot3D[{v , v , v }, {x, x   , x   }, {y, y   , y   }, {z, z   , z   }]
               x   y   z        min   max        min   max        min   max

    generates a 3D vector plot of the vector field {v , v , v } as a function of x, y, and z.
                                                     x   y   z

VectorPlot3D[{field , field , …}, {x, x   , x   }, {y, y   , y   }, {z, z   , z   }]
                   1       2           min   max        min   max        min   max

    plots several vector fields.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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