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image sonification

Posted 10 years ago

Hi. I have a grayscale image that I would like to sonify after binarizing it. I have tried using ListPlay[imageName], and also tried flattening the image matrix, but I have not been able to convert it into square waves. I would be very grateful for your guidance with this . Regards, Marc

POSTED BY: m.r.edwards
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Posted 10 years ago

I found a simple solution for playing the raw image for now, by flattening the image matrix:

middle1 = ImageTake[img, {124, 200}, {150, 240}];

middle1flat = Flatten[ImageData[middle1]];

ListPlay[middle1flat, SampleRate -> 4000]

Image of player

POSTED BY: m.r.edwards

There are many different ways to sonify an image.

Are you looking to interpret the image as if it were a Spectrogram of sorts? I think that's the most reasonable/common thing people mean.

If so, you'll find want to extract the values of the image into a matrix. For each second or so of audio, you can take a vertical slice of it and do an inverse fourier transform to get a sound wave.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 10 years ago

Hi Sean, Thanks for your reply. Great insight - I had not thought about using inverse Fourier transform to combine the signals into one for each column. Nice idea. thanks, Marc

POSTED BY: m.r.edwards
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