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how to connect DLATRAM in System Modeler?

Posted 10 years ago

DLATRAM is defined here 3 input and 3 output.i am trying to drive the address bits by a 3 bit digital output counter as shown in figure below. while connecting it is asking for indices to be defined. how should i fill the values in dialog box. enter image description here

POSTED BY: manu gaurav
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thanks it worked

why RAM takes so many equations and variables. it should be just a look up table

POSTED BY: manu gaurav

Skip the curly braces when you use the range operator, 1:3 is what you want to use as 1:3 expands/evaluates to {1,2,3}.

POSTED BY: Daniel Hedberg

when I am using {1,2,3} as input parameters for GUI is is working fine.

but when i am using {1:3} as input parameter, it is giving an error Error: [:0:0-0:0] Illegal subscript [{1:3}] for dimensions 3 in component <NO COMPONENT>.

POSTED BY: manu gaurav

To connect all output connectors with all input connectors use a single colon as the index in both of the fields. A colon can be used to specify a range of elements in an array. For instance 1:2 = {1,2}. A single colon means all elements in the array.

POSTED BY: Daniel Hedberg
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