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Using Mathematica for parallelogram law

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Posted 10 years ago

How would you use Mathematica to verify the parallelogram law in real numbers^3 for any pair of vectors u and v.

POSTED BY: Anonymous User
2 Replies

This is pretty much the same as David's answer but done using Grassmann algebra. The only real advantage here is a more transparent geometric language. The generation of the two sides are done with ComposeVector commands that generate generic vectors in the space.

enter image description here

The GrassmannCalculus Application is developmental but fairly far along. Anyone interested in exploring Grassmann algebra with it may contact me.

In two dimensions:

v1 = {a, b};
v2 = {c, d}

Expand[2 Tr[v1^2] + 2 Tr[v2^2] == Tr[(v1 + v2)^2] + Tr[(v1 - v2)^2]]

In three dimensions:

v1 = {a, b, c};
v2 = {d, e, f};

Expand[2 Tr[v1^2] + 2 Tr[v2^2] == Tr[(v1 + v2)^2] + Tr[(v1 - v2)^2]]
POSTED BY: David Reiss
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