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compute curvature and torsion

Posted 9 years ago

sorry for my poor english. this is my first time using mathematica and dont' know how to compute curvature and torsion here is the question: giving a parameterized space curve: x(u)=(2+cos3u)cosu y(u)=(2+cos3u)sinu z(u)=rsin(nu) please compute the curvature ?(s) and torsion ?(s), where s is the arc length

what mathematica 10 language should i use?

POSTED BY: au_zeus3200
2 Replies


if you have Mathematica v10 check FrenetSerretSystem[] function in addition to the (very illustrative) suggested demo. The build-in function can compute all relevant parameters for arbitrary curve:

Clear[a, b, c] ;
res = FrenetSerretSystem[{a[t], b[t], c[t]}, t]

a[t_] = Cos[t];
b[t_] = Sin[t];
c[t_] = t/2 ;



POSTED BY: Ivan Morozov

Become familiar with Wolfram resources like Curvature and Torsion as well as with the syntax of the Wolfram Language ... you know: 6 months in the lab can you save 10 minutes in the library.

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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