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compute curvature and torsion

Posted 10 years ago

sorry for my poor english. this is my first time using mathematica and dont' know how to compute curvature and torsion here is the question: giving a parameterized space curve: x(u)=(2+cos3u)cosu y(u)=(2+cos3u)sinu z(u)=rsin(nu) please compute the curvature ?(s) and torsion ?(s), where s is the arc length

what mathematica 10 language should i use?

POSTED BY: au_zeus3200
2 Replies


if you have Mathematica v10 check FrenetSerretSystem[] function in addition to the (very illustrative) suggested demo. The build-in function can compute all relevant parameters for arbitrary curve:

Clear[a, b, c] ;
res = FrenetSerretSystem[{a[t], b[t], c[t]}, t]

a[t_] = Cos[t];
b[t_] = Sin[t];
c[t_] = t/2 ;



POSTED BY: Ivan Morozov

Become familiar with Wolfram resources like Curvature and Torsion as well as with the syntax of the Wolfram Language ... you know: 6 months in the lab can you save 10 minutes in the library.

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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