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copy from mathematica to mac pages

Posted 10 years ago

In the Windows environment one can copy a result from Mathematica and paste it into Word. The paste shows up in the Word document as a nicely formatted equation. Is this same capability possible in the OSx environment when copying from Mathematica to Pages?

POSTED BY: Mike Luntz
3 Replies

From the MathType product page ( it indicates that it can import both MathML and TeX. You can copy an equation in Mathematica in MathML form or LaTeX form by selecting the expression and right clicking to bring up the popup menu and select CopyAs... to get it into the clipboard in the desired format. (Or use the Edit>CopyAs menu item).

POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 10 years ago

In Windows I just highlight the desired Mathematica expression and hit Ctrl+C then move to the Word document,click the mouse at the desired insertion point and hit Ctrl+V. I am not certain but I think that the copy puts the MathML code of the highlighted expression on the clipboard and the Word program automatically interprets the pasted code. I have done a little additional research since asking the question and think I found that I will need to purchase MathType to get equations in Pages. But I still don't know if, even with MathType, I will be able to do the same copy and paste as can be done in Windows.

POSTED BY: Mike Luntz

In Windows, how are you copying? Edit menu - CopyAs - Metafile?

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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