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How To Connect To Google API Services?

I see there is a connector for Google Plus.

However, normally if you oAuth to any Google services you can also query other APIs you have enabled billing for in your account.

I would like to query Prediction API models that I have built and use the data to cross compare accuracies with Wolfram Classify functions.

Any way to do this?

POSTED BY: David Johnston
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Awesome. This will be especially helpful for mobile apps and Gamers in addition to those building enterprise software like us.

There are so many google API's though that is seems very efficient to create something that allows users to at least specify the url end point like a GET request and then in the background convert that to the appropriate oAuth 2.0 POST request that google requires.

POSTED BY: David Johnston

When we add a service connection we like to do more than just provide an authentication system. We like to curate the endpoints and provide a smooth integration in the Wolfram Language so that making requests and importing responses occurs naturally. We are always working on making more services available. More Google services are in the queue.

POSTED BY: Bob Sandheinrich

That's good news about more Google services.

That said and knowing this question was about Google services specifically, I'd like also say that with Wolfram Language out there to be a general purpose type language, developers would be well served to have OAuth and OAuth2 support in a more generalized way that developers like myself can use to call any and all services that we want to use without having to wait for you all to decide to support that service. While I can see OAuth code is in the HttpClient code, it is not publicly documented. I want to push hard for that to be available as a public option so that I can write code to call any service that uses OAuth and OAuth2.

I second that. Almost all the major social networks along with API platforms are supporting oAuth. I hate tokens and refresh tokens and all of that stuff. It makes it too error prone to custom code every connection.

POSTED BY: David Johnston

I want this also.


POSTED BY: David Johnston

I am looking at this and thinking: "Wow this should be easy for WL to create a simple function to take care of this."

I just want access to Google API's and running down a million rabbit trails is getting me no where. I don't want to access user info. I just want to connect to my own API's.

POSTED BY: David Johnston


POSTED BY: David Johnston
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