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Why won't the LinearModelFit tutorial work for ma?

Posted 10 years ago

Hi folks, Probably a silly question for most of you, but I'm trying to switch to Mathematica for doing fits, linear and nonlinear. In working through the tutorials for LinearModelFit[ ], I cant get this to run:

data = Table[{3 + i + RandomReal[{-3, 7}], i + RandomReal[{-2, 5}]}, {i, 1, 20}];
model = LinearModelFit[data, x, x]
Show[ListPlot[data], Plot[model["BestFit"], {x, 0, 20}]]

The error is:

LinearModelFit::ivar: {0} is not a valid variable. >>

I guess that it has something to do with the initialization of the variable x ? ... I just copied the tutorial from the LinearModelFit page and tried to run it. Any help would be most appreciated, J.

POSTED BY: Jeff Cruzan
2 Replies

Somewhere you must have done something like:


The symbol you use for a variable must be, well, variable, without a value assigned. You can remove values from the symbol x using:


Or, you can start with a fresh kernel.

POSTED BY: John Doty

Strange, I copied your code, pasted it in and it ran perfectly for me.


POSTED BY: Tim Mayes
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