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I can solve by myself, but I want use Mathematica software, can anyone help

Posted 10 years ago

How to solve by Mathematica software? I can solve by myself, but i want use Mathematica software. Can any one help me?

Laplce equation is Txx+Tyy=0

BC is T(x,0) =0, T(x,pi) =0, T(0,y) =1, T(inf,y) =0,

and the answer is here is answer

POSTED BY: kevin kevin
2 Replies

This is the Laplace equation. The best place to start would be to look at posts about this equation here and on stackexchange such as:

DSolve is useful for finding closed-form solutions to equations. Here is some documentation on what it does with this equation ( solution above is more of a statement that the solution T can be represented as a Fourier Series.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 10 years ago

hi ,i am Taiwan near China,so my English is poor. but i have to say thanks for you ^^

POSTED BY: kevin kevin
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