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All of my notebooks are becoming corrupted

Posted 10 years ago


Suddenly ALL of my notebooks are corrupt. Even the new ones I open are corrupted from the instant I open them. I've tried the notebook restore utility. Any other suggestions?

POSTED BY: jason.melick
2 Replies

If ALL your notebooks are corrupting, that means there is something systematic about your Mathematica or the disk the notebooks are stored on.

Quick test: reset Mathematica's initialization files, in case one was damaged and is starting Mathematica in an odd state.
See .

Another possibility is a damaged style sheet. Determining and fixing this would probably take more time than removing Mathematica and re-installing it.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

I would contact Wolfram Technical Support (

What do you see when you open your notebooks? Is there a message saying the notebook is corrupted? Are you using a network drive or saving the files locally? What OS are you using?

This information will help them better understand the problem.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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