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Intersection of two result lists

Posted 10 years ago

Good Morning,

in Mathematica I can easily intersect two Wolfram Alpha result lists, for example "Which countries are members of both, the EU and NATO":

natomembers = EntityList[EntityClass["Country","NorthAtlanticTreatyOrganization"]];
eumembers = EntityList[EntityClass["Country","EuropeanUnion"]];
Intersection[natomembers, eumembers];

However, this doesn't seem to work in the Wolfram Alpha web-interface directly, which would be really neat. I tried several approaches, but they always gives an educated guess. For example:

{eu members} intersect {nato members}

Results to "Using closest Wolfram|Alpha interpretation: nato members". It also doesn't matter which set comes first in the query, it always falls to the NATO result list in this case.

However, a simple intersection operation in Wolfram Alpha like

{1,2,3} intersect {3,4,5}



Any ideas on this?

Thanks! Alexander.

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