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Anyone know how to do equivalent n period discount rate on wolfram

Posted 9 years ago


POSTED BY: azad ahmed
3 Replies

Using the Mathematica Time Value function:

FindRoot[TimeValue[100, x, 4] == 122, {x, 1}]

Which is the same calculation.

POSTED BY: Priyan Fernando
Posted 9 years ago

Perhaps your problem is this: I made 22% on an investment over 4 years. What is the equivalent annual rate? If so, your expression in Wolfram Language is:

In[1]:= (1 + 0.22)^0.25 - 1

Out[1]= 0.0509691
POSTED BY: David Keith

I don't understand the example/calculation. However there are examples here for discount rate solving:

POSTED BY: Priyan Fernando
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