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Export gif from mathematica online not possible

Posted 10 years ago

Dear community I am using the mathematica online cloud and would like to export a gif or later a .obj file from the graphics3d I made. The notebook tells me, that the file has been exported. But I don't know where the file is.

If I check the path with $path then it says: „


It seems, that it exports somewhere on the server. Using „setdirectory“ did also not work.

Maybe it is not possible from the mathematica cloud version ( I am a basic/free user)? Any help would be highly appreciated, thank you very much! best Markus

POSTED BY: baisen

I'm not sure about basic/free user features. Assuming the Export evaluation worked, the gif should be in your home directory ($HomeDirectory, or Directory[]). You can look for the file using the tabs on the right side of the screen (Home button, scroll to find the file), or by evaluating FileNames[] in your notebook and scanning the results.

POSTED BY: Chad Knutson
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