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plot 3D Vektor with spherical coordinates

Posted 9 years ago

How can I do that?

For example I have a vectorfield

F(r) = 1/r² e_r

e_r is the unit vektor in radial direction.

POSTED BY: Frank Erlacher
3 Replies

If you are wanting to plot it in a Cartesian space then perhaps the best thing to do is to transform from your spherical coordinates (or polar in 2-d) using TransformedField as in:

TransformedField[ "Polar" -> "Cartesian", {1/r, 0}, {r, \[Theta]} -> {x, y}]

and if you want a plot using VectorField to only show only a plot out to a given radius rather than the whole x-y extent you could use RegionFunction to limit it.

POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 9 years ago

I know these funcions. I am using them all the time. What I don't know is how I can put spherical coordinates into the VectorPlot function with spherical varibale ranges. There is no option that gives me that opportunity..

POSTED BY: Frank Erlacher
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