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Linearization of function and equation solving

Posted 10 years ago

General question before I go further. I'm trying to find my L(x) and I am getting a super massive, complicated function. Is it suppose to be that way?


In the meanwhile you figured it out, but nevertheless ...

In[130]:= Clear[fJT, liN]
fJT[x_] := 10 ArcTan[x/7]^3
liN[f_, x_, x0_?NumericQ] := Block[{fS},
  If[FreeQ[f, x],
   Print["The function ", f, " does not depend on ", x , ". Bye!"];
   Return[$Failed], (* else *)
   fS = D[f, x];
   (f /. x -> x0) + (fS /. x -> x0) (x - x0)

In[133]:= liN[fJT[y], y, 7]
Out[133]= (5 \[Pi]^3)/32 + 15/112 \[Pi]^2 (-7 + y)

liN is the linearization searched for. Your super massive solve step

mistaken solve

is mistaken, as you see reading the definition of L(x) again.

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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