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Present and Future Value Factors Tables

Good day!

I'm very fairly new to Mathematica and its language and am in need of a push in the right direction. I would like to be able to create present value and future value factor tables. An example table is attached.Future Value Factor example

The basic formula is (1+i)^n, where i is the interest rate (from .01 to .3) and n is the number of periods or years (from 1 to 50).

I've attempted Table and Grid commands, but I do not know the correct order for the commands.

Thank you, in advance, to the generous souls who are able to help me in this endeavor.

POSTED BY: Michael Plouviez
Posted 10 years ago
Table[(1 + i)^n, {i, 0.01, 0.30, 0.01}, {n, 1, 50, 1}] // TableForm

The interest rate stepsize is 0.01 (1%) while the year step size is 1 (every year). TableForm is just do display it nicely.

POSTED BY: Priyan Fernando
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