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Wolfram Technology Conference

Posted 12 years ago
Hello, all. 

We wanted the Wolfram Community to be among the first to know - the Wolfram Technology Conference has been scheduled for 2013!
Please mark your calendars for Monday, October 21-Wednesday, October 22nd.
(yes, Mon-Wed this year instead of was suggested, we figured "why not?")

We are very pleased to once again welcome the large and varied group of Wolfram Technology users around the globe to our headquarter city, Champaign, IL, USA. 

Stay tuned for more details!
-Danielle Rommel, Events Manager at Wolfram
POSTED BY: Danielle Rommel
3 Replies
Jesse - our thoughts exactly!
Fred - can't wait!!  emoticon
POSTED BY: Danielle Rommel
Hi Danielle:

Please count me in. I'll have a lot to talk about. The umbrella theme will continue to be "A New Kind of Learning."

It includes online courses, inclass courses, a graduate course, and a forthcoming Linear Algebra Survival Guide by Elsevier/Academic Press.

Cheers, Fred
POSTED BY: Fred E Szabo
POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman
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