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Step by Step solutions

Posted 10 years ago

I just joined WolframAlpha Pro. I'm a little confused on the availability of step by step solutions. I can illustrate the issue by trying to solve some very straightforward equations and inequalities.

  1. (w/8)-13 = -6 will offer step by step solution
  2. (w/8)-13<-6 will not offer step by step solution
  3. (2x-3)/5 >=7 will offer a step by step solution
  4. (2x-3)/5 <7 will offer a step by step solution
  5. 7x-1+4x<=33 will not offer a step by step solution
  6. 7x-1+4x=33 will offer s step by step solution

What is the pattern for determining whether or not solution will be produced?

POSTED BY: Bill Johnson
Posted 10 years ago

Here you have a lot of examples of the types of problems for which the step-by-step solutions are avaliable:

POSTED BY: Rodrigo Sambade
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