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Front End Issues in Mathematica 10

Posted 10 years ago

I have several, possibly related, problems with mma10. Here are some:

1) If I type a centered equation such as xa;b in which the "a;b" is a subscript, the whole subscript vanishes as soon as I type the "b". If I delete the "b", I see xa; . This is a real problem with notes on the covariant derivative.

2) If I highlight a word in a text cell and type Alt+rxr, all the text in the cell turns red. If, instead, I type Alt+rx, and then use the mouse to click on "Red" in the dropdown, it works fine.

3) If I highlight a cell bracket and type Alt+cpo, which should toggle the cell open/closed, it closes all cells of that type in all open notebooks. If, on the other hand, I type Alt+cp, and then use the mouse to click on Open, all behaves as it should.

These Front End problems are serious and seriously annoying. Sadly, it means I have to drop back to Mathematica 9.

Anyone else have these problems?


POSTED BY: Kevin McCann
3 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

All of this is done by hand in a NumberedEquation cell, i.e. it is not output, but straight typing. I typed, for example, x followed by Ctrl+_, which creates the little subscript box, and then typed a;b into that box. If the Cell is not centered, e.g. a Text cell, all is well; however, if the cell is centered or if you center it, then the subscript disappears until I delete the "b" in "a;b".

POSTED BY: Kevin McCann

I believe Kevin is referring to the formatting of derivatives of tensors in the Tensorial Application. The following is a mockup of the formatting for tensors and the plain partial derivative of tensors. For tensors:

MakeBoxes[tensor[A_, up_List, down_List], 
  form : StandardForm | TraditionalForm] := 
 Module[{newdown = down, newup = up, makespace}, 
  makespace = If[#1 === Void, Style[#2, ShowContents -> False], #1] &;
   newup = Inner[makespace, newup, newdown, List]; 
  newdown = 
   Inner[makespace, newdown, newup, 
    List]; (InterpretationBox[#1, #2, Editable -> False, 
      BaseStyle -> {AutoMultiplicationSymbol -> False}
      ] &) @@ {SubsuperscriptBox[MakeBoxes[A, form],
     RowBox[(MakeBoxes[#1, form] &) /@ newdown], 
     RowBox[(MakeBoxes[#1, form] &) /@ newup]], Tensor[A, up, down]}]

And for plain partial derivatives:

DifSym = ",";
MakeBoxes[partialD[t_, indices_], 
  form : StandardForm | TraditionalForm] :=
 Module[{windx = Flatten[{indices}]},
  If[MatchQ[t, tensor[_, _, _] | tensor[f_Symbol]],
   InterpretationBox[#1, #2, Editable -> False] & @@ {SubscriptBox[
      MakeBoxes[t, form], 
      RowBox[{DifSym, RowBox@(MakeBoxes[#, form] & /@ windx)}]], 
     partialD[t, indices]},
   InterpretationBox[#1, #2, Editable -> False] & @@ {SubscriptBox[
      RowBox[{"(", MakeBoxes[t, form], ")"}], 
      RowBox[{DifSym, RowBox@(MakeBoxes[#, form] & /@ windx)}]], 
     partialD[t, indices]}]]

The following statements format properly in Mathematica 9.0.1

tensor[A, {Void}, {a}]
partialD[tensor[A, {Void}, {a}], {j, k}]

I have found that the performance of Mathematica 10.1 is impaired enough that I have reverted to Mathematica 9.0.1.

(2) and (3) I duplicated with Mathematica 10.0.1 on Windows 7. For (3), performing Alt+cpo again opens only the selected cell.
(On Macintosh, I tried (2) and it did nothing.)

I tried (1), using the subscript template from the Basic Math Assistant palette, Typesetting section. Making a subscripted object worked normally. What are the steps you used to try to make a fancy subscript?

"Subscripted variables" are not as simple as they appear to be. If you get to the point where you can make them, using them in executable code is a second, bigger step. See the SubscriptedVariables101.nb notebook linked from conversations or for more information.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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