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cdf player doesn`t play cdf 10 files?

Posted 10 years ago

Hi, Ive downloaded a trial version of Mathematica 10 to see whether some of Mathematica solutions would be a better choice for my own work, teaching and publishing. I used Mathematica occasionally earlier and always found it fantastic. As I wanted to share some of the work generated in Mathematica 10 with my colleagues (and convince them) I noticed that the most recent player doesnt work with cdc files I produced, asking for more recent version (but I have the one available!). That is really unfortunate! I first thought that is because of the trial version, but Ive seen the general discussion from few months ago- has there been any progress? Is there anything one can do? I was going to go for the full version, but Im not sure now. Thanks for any help! Mihaela

POSTED BY: Mihaela Pavlicev
2 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

In the post referenced by David, Daniel Lichtblau says: "There is no CDF Player yet available for Mathematica 10"

The natural question is then: When will it be available?

POSTED BY: Hans Milton
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